Service サービス


~Product Planning and Development~

Our experienced project team can assist you with researching and developing original POPs and novelty goods to suit your needs.
We’re also pleased to advise on environmentally friendly products for your next campaign or promotion.


~Effective Communication Strategies Through Data Analysis~

Using our expertise in market survey and proprietary data, we will analyze the situation and current trends and design an effective promotion solution for you.


~Sales Promotion at Domestic and International Trade Shows and Expos~

We have exhibited TOSMAC original goods at tradeshows around the world to great acclaim.  We design, produce and sell many unique goods designed in-house. In addition, we also offer Web and mobile promotion tools.


~Manufacturing and Assembling Products for the Japanese, Asian, American and European Markets~

Harness the power of your brand by using our global network to develop and produce original goods for all your branding and promotional needs.